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About Us

Air Fast Adhesive is one of the most trusted in the adhesive industry. We are leading manufacturers & exporters of wide range of adhesives. We differ from our competitors due to the undying servitude towards our clients, as we strive to make their lives easier, better & beautiful. Our team of experts continuously try to upgrade the products with committed research & development. We cover a wide market range of well-known consumer & industrial brands with various products such as low, medium & high viscosity cyanoacrylate, which can be made available in consumer pack of single use half gram & 2-gram packs. To name a few, we also provide water-based adhesives, footwear adhesive, artificial nail glue, fabric glue, wood instant glue/ seal/ emulsion, metal bonding, PVC door/ windows instant glue, automotive & construction adhesive, flex glue for backdrops & banners, screen printing frames etc.

We are bulk suppliers & our material can be tailor made according to the needs & requirements of our clients, to cater to various applications & requirements in different industries.

One of the most trusted name in the adhesive industry, Air fast Adhesive is a leading manufacturer and exporter of wide range of Adhesive, PVC Adhesive, Laminate Adhesive, Marbal Adhesive, Synthetic Rubber Adhesive including Cyanoacrylate Adhesive, Wood Adhesive, UV Curing Adhesive, Metal to Metal Bonding Applications, Glue for MDF Board & Mica Pasting, Instant Glue for LED Strips Pasting on Sign Boards, Glue and more.