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Air Fast Instant Adhesive for Acrylic Sheet Pasting (Fish Aquarium)

Acrylic Fish tanks are more successful in comparison to the glass aquariums as the latter are difficult to handle & fragile in nature. Air Fast Instant Adhesive along with POLYFIX Spray Activator are used to make durable, leak free Acrylic Fish tanks.

Transparent Acrylic sheets with acrylic sheets, Trasparent acrylic sheet with coloured acrylic sheet, WPC to WPC, WPC to mica, HDHMR to HDHMR, HPL to HPL, Acrylic to mica pasting, Wood to wood pasting, Stone repair & pasting, Metal to wood pasting, MDF with PVC moulding etc
• Air Fast Instant Adhesiveis a High viscosity product which strongly bonds the acrylic pieces.
• Air Fast Spray Activator is used along with the gel glue to lessen the curing time & is also successful in removing the white marks left by the adhesive.
• Even a small amount of glue can provide the desired result.
• The strong bonding achieved with the help of gel glue & spray activator provides a finished product which is strong, beautiful to look at & absolutely leak free.
• Fish tanks are required to hold large amount of water so Air Fast Instant Adhesivehas been formulated in such a way that the water retention does not affect the strength of the tank.
• Air Fast Instant Adhesiveis available in 50 & 250 gms plastic bottles
• Air Fast Spray Activator is available in 100 ml Brown Glass bottle
Store Under 20 degrees/ Do not expose to direct sunlight
Room temperature for Spray
Surface requirements
Area should be clean of any dust or dirt
Cure time
3-5 minutes (along with use of spray)
Safety Measures
• Read the instructions before use
• Always wear gloves for protection
• Keep away from eyes & out of children’s reach
• Always close the lid firmly after use, otherwise the quality may get compromised due to moisture in the air.
• If the glue sticks to your hands, remove it with the help of acetone/ warm water.
• Do not panic in case of an accident, rush to a doctor
Tech Specifications
Shelf Life: 5-6 months
How to use
• Acrylic sheets are to be cut according to the size & design.
• Air Fast spray activator is to be sprayed on one side of the sheet & small drops of polyfix gel glue should be put along with the spray
• Now another acrylic sheet can be placed on the glued area & generous amount of gel glue should be put on the joint of the two sheets & sprayed with the activator.
• Once the two pieces are strongly attached, then the same process can be repeated with the other three sheets & the tank will take a shape of an open cuboid.
• Now the tank is ready to be filled with water & once the lid is made with the help of Air Fast Instant Adhesive& Air Fast spray activator, the fish aquarium is ready to provide a lovely abode for your aquatic friends.