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Air Fast Adhesive for Helmet Manufacturing

In making of Helmet there is a requirement of good quality instant adhesive for pasting rubber moulding or bidding with helmet. The adhesive quality should be fast curing and it should also not leave any marks. Air Fast super strong instant glue is best for this application. Air Fast is further used to bond interior thermocol with foam covered linings in helmets.

• Helmet with molding
• Helmet with thermocol
• Helmet with foam
• Repairs in helmet
• It is low viscosity with fast curing nature
• Non-Blooming feature does not leave any stains on the surface
• No mixing or heating required
• Available in user-friendly bottles
• Absolute water resistant
• 15 gms,20 gms
Store Under 20 degrees/ Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Surface requirements
Area should be clean of any rust or dirt
Cure time
a few seconds
Safety Measures
• Read the instructions before use
• Always wear gloves for protection
• Keep away from eyes & out of children’s reach
• Always close the lid firmly after use, otherwise the quality may get compromised due to moisture in the air.
• If the glue sticks to your hands, remove it with the help of acetone/ warm water.
• Do not panic in case of an accident, rush to a doctor
Tech Specifications
Shelf Life: up to 4 months
3-5 cps
How to use
• Fix the molding, rubber bidding in helmets by applying Air Fast adhesive
• Apply a thin layer of Air Fast instant Adhesive to paste thermocol or foam inside the helmet strongly & quickly.
• Any repairs can also be done with our helmet adhesive.