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Air Fast Adhesive for Chappals/ Slippers in Automatic Assembly Line

For manufacturing footwear’s in automatic assembly line glue must be very fast with approx 1 second curing time. Air fast Instant Adhesive shoe fast grade is perfect solution for this application. This grades cures in less than 1 second and suits best for this application. This product provides quick bonding and curing with moisture at room temperature which does not require any heating chamber/ press machine. No need of any mixing.
Please check the video for reference.

Flip flops Manufacturing, Slippers manufacturing adhesive, helmet repair & manufacturing glue, flex board glue, acrylic glue etc.
• It is low viscosity with fast curing nature
• Non-Blooming feature does not leave any stains on the surface
• No mixing or heating required
• Available in user-friendly bottles
• Absolute water resistant
• 15, 20, 50 gms
Store Under 20 degrees/ Do not expose to direct sunlight
Surface requirements
Area should be clean of any rust or dirt
Cure time
a few seconds
Safety Measures
• Read the instructions before use
• Always wear gloves for protection
• Keep away from eyes & out of children’s reach
• Always close the lid firmly after use, otherwise the quality may get compromised due to moisture in the air.
• If the glue sticks to your hands, remove it with the help of acetone/ warm water.
• Do not panic in case of an accident, rush to a doctor
Tech Specifications
Shelf Life: 1-2 months
How to use
• Paste the base of footwears with the help of special shoe grade adhesive by Air Fast, for durability & unmatched strength.
• Small logos & other particles can also be pasted with the same.
• Our instant shoe adhesive, pastes within seconds & without any stains.