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Air Fast Adhesive for Transparent Acrylic 3D Letters

For Pasting Acrylic Sheet it is very important how to select glue for this application. As mostly glue leaves mark after pasting like some of them leaves yellowish mark, some leaves white marks. We have developed Air Fast Adhesive (acrylic grade) which is best suitable for this application and it does not leaves white or yellow marks after drying. In modern world usage of acrylic sheets is increasing and it is used in making sign boards, show cases, logos, name plates, acrylic sign boards. Etc.
Precautions- The area where glue is being used must be properly ventilated, humidity free, and don’t use glue in excess, excess glue may leave white marks.

1. Acrylic sign Boards
2. Acrylic fonts
3. Acrylic show cases
4. POP displays
5. Transparent Logos
6. Name plates
7. Trophies
8. Momentoes
9. Acrylic 3D Letters
• It is low viscosity with fast curing nature
• Non-Blooming feature does not leave any stains on the surface
• No mixing or heating required
• Available in user-friendly bottles
• Absolute water resistant
20, 50, 250 gms
Store Under 20 degrees/ Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Surface requirements
Area should be clean of any rust or dirt
Cure time
a few seconds
Safety Measures
• Read the instructions before use
• Always wear gloves for protection
• Keep away from eyes & out of children’s reach
• Use in properly ventilated area
• If the glue sticks to your hands, remove it with the help of acetone/ warm water.
• Do not use excessive glue, as it may leave marks
Tech Specifications
Shelf Life: 5-6 months
3-5 cps
How to use
• Cut the acrylic sheets according to the design
• Paste the letters with Air Fast acrylic grade adhesive.
• Our special acrylic adhesive will give you quick, strong & no stains pasting.