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Air Fast Instant Adhesive for Bonding Wooden Handicraft (Fancy Stool)

Small wooden stools are used in each & every household and at various commercial places also. Stools made with the help of nails can get weathered easily & very soon. Nails & screws do not cover the whole surface therefore the finished product is not very strong & the alignment is also not perfect. With the ageing process the nails get rusted & the wood gets distressed very soon

Air fast Wood Adhesive which can be applied on wooden pieces to form a small stool. The instant glue can easily bond the wood within a few minutes. Air Fast spray activator, applied with the glue provides further strong & quick cure.

Wood to wood, laminated board with laminated board bonding, WPC to WPC, WPC to mica, HDHMR to HDHMR, HPL to HPL, Acrylic to mica pasting, Wood to wood pasting, Stone repair & pasting, Metal to wood pasting etc
• Air Fast Wood Adhesive is a High viscosity product which is ideal for wooden surfaces which are porous & full of gaps.
• The thick feature of gel glue does not get absorbed by the wood, fills the gaps which makes it smoother & helps in bonding of the two surfaces
• Air Fast Spray Activator is an accelerator which expedites the curing time of the high viscosity gel glue
• Air Fast spray activator is non blooming & does not leave white marks after the application
Air Fast Wood Adhesiveis available in 50 & 250, 500 gms plastic bottles.
Air Fast Spray Activator is available in 100 ml Glass bottles.
Store Under 20 degrees/ Do not expose to direct sunlight
Room Temperature for Spray
Surface requirements
Area should be clean of any rust or dirt
Cure time
3-5 minutes (along with the use of Spray)
Safety Measures
• Read the instructions before use
• Always wear gloves for protection
• Keep away from eyes & out of children’s reach
• Always close the lid firmly after use, otherwise the quality may get compromised due to moisture in the air.
• If the glue sticks to your hands, remove it with the help of acetone/ warm water.
• Do not panic in case of an accident, rush to a doctor
Tech Specifications
Shelf Life: 5-6 months
How to use
• Take three pieces of mica plywood boards & cut them according to the length needed
• Air Fast Wood Adhesiveon one side of the board, spray the activator over the same & paste the two boards
• Once the desired bonding has been attained, paste the third board in the same manner
• A durable stool is ready for any of your household or commercial use.
• As the stool is made without any nails, there is no question of rusting or any misalignment
• The strength received is such that even if a grown man puts his full weight on the stool, even then it will not break